There are 170 venues at ArtPrize Eight. It takes time to explore even a small fraction of them so you have to choose your stops carefully to make the best out of ArtPrize.

Most people stop at some of the major venues that regularly have entries in the second round of voting. That's a good start, but we have another venue to add to that must-see list.

The city water building by the Richard App Gallery is an excellent ArtPrize Eight venue.

While the venue hasn't been overrun with huge crowds, it also hasn't gone unnoticed. The jurors placed two entries on their shortlist:

  • 2-D: les bêtes by Isaac Aoki from Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Time-Based: Bang Bang! by Constance Edwards Scopelitis from Indianapolis, IN.

Another entry made it into the Top 25 for the Public Vote:

  • Time-Based: World's Turning by Tali & Royce from The Netherlands and Traverse City, MI.

These three entries are just a starting point. Other highlights:

Kirsi Ihalainen‘s Finnish Forest Frequencies – sound installation invites visitors to enjoy the sounds of a Finnish forest by hugging pieces of wood hanging from the ceiling.

Marissa Tawney Thaler's "You Lost, I Found" makes art out of litter. The litter/found items are covered with plaster then tagged with the time and location of where they were found.

Potential owners are invited to come forward to claim the items.

Other highlights include:

The venue is on the north end of town away from the biggest crowds on Monroe Ave. just south of Leonard St. The venue includes some off-street parking. Inside you'll find over 50 entries spaced out in multiple rooms.

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