Marissa Tawney Thaler's "You Lost, I Found" makes art out of litter. The litter/found items are covered with plaster then tagged with the time and location of where they were found.

Potential owners are invited to come forward to claim the items at ArtPrize Eight.

The lost items have been photographed and cataloged. They have also been listed on Craigslist and posted on Instagram and other social media. Some items have found a new home. Others remain on the wall.

Comments on Craigslist vary widely from those who are amused to those who question the artist's sanity.

The ArtPrize entry displays the plaster-covered items, photos/stories of reunited pieces, and printouts of comments from Craigslist. It also gives instructions on how one may attempt to claim an item. Pieces on the wall will be awarded to those who give the "most compelling story."

Want a free ArtPrize souvenir? All it takes is a good story and a visit to the city water building by the richard app gallery.