A porcelain sculpture of a bent sub sandwich is drawing reactions at ArtPrize Eight.

Learn the story behind "Bent Sub Sandwich."

Edward Cabral's "Bent Sub Sandwich" is at the city water building by the richard app gallery for ArtPrize Eight. The sculpture took about 16 hours to make.

Cabral says people's first response to his work is to react with humor and he welcomes that because he's not taking himself so seriously.

Cabral explains:

It's one thing for me to be an artist and to deal with larger concepts of Americanism and materiality and things like that but I also don't want to make work that you have to go to art school to understand.

He believes sometimes when people who don't think critically about art go to an art museum and don't understand a piece it's not necessarily their fault. It can be the fault of the institution for not explaining the work well enough.

Cabral's ideas fit well into ArtPrize and the discussion that stems from the differences between the art that the public likes most and the art favored by the jury. Sometimes the two agree, but most often they do not.

Cabral says, "Art doesn't have to be highbrow or lowbrow. It can be both."

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