Stacie Tamaki is bringing miniature origami to Grand Central Market & Deli for the third straight year at ArtPrize.

Watch as Tamaki demonstrates how she makes "Tinygami" and offers tips for beginners. She also explains the symbolism behind her origami mobiles.

Tamaki's ArtPrize entry combines small origami with sculpture to create mobiles. Each mobile has 1000 miniature origami animals: cranes, frogs, or bunnies. She estimated the average project takes about two months, although that's not an exact measurement since she works on them continuously and hasn't specifically recorded the time it takes to complete.

Tamaki explains that large paper is harder to work with since it requires more precise folds. Heavier paper also creates more work since it is more tiring to use. She can only work for 20-30 minutes at a time with heavy paper, but requires no breaks when working with lighter paper.

Tamaki lives in Greenville, Mich. She came to West Michigan a few years ago and liked it so much she decided to stay. She has also found the community to be very supportive of her work. Each year at ArtPrize she passes out hundreds of miniature origami cranes. Later, she ends up with a collection of handmade gifts as visitors return to give her origami that they have created.

Tamaki first learned origami when she was 7 years old and was taught by her grandmother.

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