Cut us some slack Mother Nature. A Freeze Watch for Friday/Saturday? HELP!

Our weather friends at Fox17, not sure what kind of friends they are, say temperatures are expected to dip into the upper 20s late Friday night/Saturday morning and that's not exactly a good thing this time of year. To quote the National Weather Service, "Frost and freeze conditions could kill crops, other sensitive vegetation and possibly damage unprotected outdoor plumbing. Early season tender vegetation will need to be protected. Most vulnerable vegetation will be fruit trees that have already bloomed." Yikes!

That would be a record low, right? Wrong! Here in Grand Rapids in 1947 temperatures dropped to 23 degrees on May 9th. So, not a record. I feel better already. Ha!

Actually, some strange, cold air will be around for part of next week as well.

And I thought I could put my winter coat and fleeces away. Oh, well, I can still build a fire and be cozy for a bit longer.


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