Ah, the warm, wonderful memories of Granny's Kitchen. Granny's was on 28th Street for many years before it closed, and was a great family favorite.

I swear, we almost raised our kids there. Granny's was a welcoming family restaurant with Granny, actually some lucky woman chosen from the staff, sitting in her rocker on the front porch waving at all who came.

On the Facebook page, "If you Grew Up in Grand Rapids, Jon C. Bot posted some of these great pictures.

You'd walk through the gift shop, they weren't stupid you know, you'd always buy something, and then into the dining room.

Jon C Bot/Facebook
Jon C Bot/Facebook

The food was always delicious, and there was a lot of it, too. Remember the train that rolled around the ceiling? Our kids would watch it forever.

Grandpa would walk around telling awful jokes, but we would all laugh and have a wonderful time.

Too bad we're all in such a hurry today. Times like those create loving memories.

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