A tired dog is a happy dog. So true. A dog at play, working, having fun, makes for a happy dog and happy family.

So, where can you go, other than a dog park, or taking long walk, to let your dog run-in-the-sun? Try these beaches.

According to Bring Fido.com, here are some great beaches for you and Fido to enjoy.

There is a dog beach at the Northern end of the park. Dogs must be leashed in the sand, but are allowed off-leash in the water. The dog-friendly area is clearly marked, so pay close attention to the signs to avoid being ticketed.

 Grand Haven City Beach

Leashed dogs are allowed on the beach south of the swim buoys from Memorial Day - Labor Day (only before 11am and after 5pm). Dogs must always be kept on a 6-foot leash and never left unattended. From Labor Day through Memorial Day, leashed dogs are allowed on any part of the Grand Haven City Beach. The beach is located just South of Grand Haven State Park.
Near Sleeping Bear Dunes in Glen Arbor is an outstanding dog friendly beach. Dogs are allowed on the east end of the beach.
Dogs are not allowed ON the beach, but there is a sidewalk above the beach they can be on leash. If you walk down right next to the pier and stay away from the state park area (should be a sign) dogs can be on a leash and walk down the pier and back.
There are others, so check out the website, Bring Fido, and let your dog have a ball.

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