Meet Bandit, HSWM’s resident party animal!

His foster mom says, "Bandit only wants to steal your heart...and maybe some catnip! This energetic and outgoing boy treats life like one big party. He's always excited to meet new people and play new games. Although he can have fun with all kinds of toys, he lights up the brightest for a feather wand.


When Bandit isn't playing, he's typically napping in front of a window or soliciting affection with emphatic meows and powerful headbutts. This sweet boy has LOTS of love to give, and we know whatever family adopts him will be very happy that they did!”

If you’d like to adopt Bandit, please visit our website to learn how at

Pet's as Gifts for the Holidays

We often get asked around the holidays "What do you think about a puppy as a present?" or "Do you see animals adopted around the holidays get returned more?"

Christmas wreath on neck dachshund puppy
Liliya Kulianionak/Getty Images

As an organization, we want to highlight that we do not see a higher rate of return for animals that are gifted or those adopted around the holidays. Actually, a national study by ASPCA shows that receiving a dog or cat as a gift was neither significantly associated with impact on self-perceived love and attachment, nor was it associated with whether or not the dog or cat remained in the home!

If you are considering adopting a pet, gifting a pet, or surprising your family with a new furry family member, we recommend doing a few things first:
1. Do research on where your pet is coming from! Animal shelters have all kinds of animals and breeds available for adoption, which usually offer lower adoption costs than what a breeder would charge. An adoption at HSWM includes vaccines, spay or neuter, a medical and behavioral evaluation, and long-standing support of your adopted animal!
2. If you do choose to purchase an animal, please make sure it is from a reputable breeder. Call references, look into their breeding lines, and do your research! Ask questions, meet the parents of the animal you are bringing home, get documentation, and get a full medical history of the family.
3. Remember that an animal is a lifetime commitment. If it is something that you do not think you or your family are ready for, consider fostering!

Remember, animal shelters are a great place to find a new family member, around the holidays, and always! Be sure to visit and meet some of our amazing animals!

It’s your Last Chance to Sponsor a Rescue Pet’s Stocking!

It’s your last chance to sponsor a shelter animal's stocking for the holidays so that no pet gets left behind at!

London Zoo Monkeys Receive Christmas Gifts
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

When you sign up to sponsor an HSWM rescue animal, that pet will receive a stocking or wreath full of goodies and treats. Plus, available dogs will have the opportunity to go on an exciting car ride to check out all of the local Christmas light displays!

Sponsorship is $20 for a small animal, $35 for a cat, $50 for a dog, or spoil one of each type of pet for $100! You will receive a story update and photo of the animals you sponsor, and not only will they be able to enjoy their gifts at HSWM, but any adopted animal will get to take their goodies to their new home with them too!

Holiday Hours

The holidays are almost here, and we’re all so excited to celebrate!

Courtesy Humane Society of West Michigan
Courtesy Humane Society of West Michigan

Please note that all departments will be closed this week on Saturday, December 24th for Christmas Eve, and the following Saturday, December 31st, for New Years Eve.

The Humane Society of West Michigan hope you have a wonderful holiday week with your family members--furry or otherwise!

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