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Every Pet Needs a Home for the Holidays
Every pet need a home for the holidays.  The sad thing is, there are so many abandoned animals.
The Kent County Animal Shelter is trying to help.  They have taken in so many dogs and cats, either by surrender or actually abandoned, that they are overloaded. Over a years time, they receive m…
Copper Visits on Wet Nose Wednesday
Nicole Cook from the Humane Society brought her friend, Copper, in for the show today.
Copper is a 9-year old Mountain Cur mix with lots of love and energy for the right family.  Since Copper is 9-years old, he is in the Silver Medal Club, which means he if FREE to the right owner.  He sure…
Meet Thumper From the Humane Society of West Michigan
Thumper came hopping into our studios today.  It was Wet Nose Wednesday on Andy in the Morning.
Thumper is a one and one-half year old Netherlands Dwarf rabbit, and is the sweetest little bunny.  Little is correct, as this breed is a bit smaller than some others...
Robin the Pit-bull Visits on Wet Nose Wednesday
Nicole Cook, Humane Society of West Michigan, brought Robin in to visit for Wet Nose Wednesday.
Robin is one and one-half years old, very social, well trained, and would make the right owner a wonderful pet.  She's a sweetie!
Nicole also mentioned that coming up, they are offering their Cani…

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