Chloe the cat visited with Andy Rent as he talked about her on the Andy in the Morning show for Wet Nose Wednesday.


Emily from the Humane Society of West Michigan brought  Chloe the cat to visit today. She is a one year old domestic shorthair. This bright-eyed beauty can be very loving if you speak cat. In other words, speak softly, go slow, offer treats, and you'll earn her trust. She's an affectionate girl who has been known to cuddle at night. Chloe has the potential to make a great friend. In return, she doesn't ask much: just a window seat in a quiet home where she can take her time to acclimate. Chloe will be a purrfect match for someone patient and compassionate who will give her a chance to feel safe and loved.

Bri, from the Bissell Pet Foundation visited, also and talked about the upcoming Empty the Shelters, next Saturday, October 6.  It's sponsored by Bissell Pet Foundation who will pay for adoption fees of dogs (five months and older) and cats (five months and older) and also mall animals (bunnies) will be fee waived.

For those adopting dogs, they will need to pay for the dog license fee which ranges from $7 to $12 in Michigan.

This event is critical in helping great animals get in forever homes.  Empty the Shelters event helps encourage families to adopt, not shop.

That being said, they are "all about" making the best match possible between pet and person.  They want to do all we can so that the animal that is adopted stays in its new home. So, the Humane Society and Bissell say,

  1. We are encouraging people to get pre-approved prior to the event because folks who are pre-approved can come in for the first hour (11AM-12PM). In order to get 'pre-approved', you must fill out an application, either online or at our facility, then meet with an adoption counselor IN PERSON. You cannot get approved for adoption via email or phone call.
  2. Kittens or puppies will not be for adoption during this event. You're welcome to view who is up for adoption ahead of time by visiting (Note: population changes daily)

Emily also talked about World Rabies Day which is the this Friday, September 28th. They would like to remind people to provide rabies shots for their pets. This is important to prevent the spread of rabies as well as keeping you and your pet safe!

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