Brianna from the Humane Society of West Michigan wasn't able to come into the studio this morning due, of course, to the COVID-19, but talked on the phone with me about Chester the Cat!

This wonderful inky boy is living in a foster home with a calm, older dog. They've become BFFs and enjoy spending their days gazing out the window and snuggling together.

His foster mom says that If you're interested in adopting Chester, please visit our website at

Amy also talked about:

Stocking Sponsorship Results

We are THRILLED to share the results of our Stocking Sponsorship program--every single pet in our care had a stocking sponsored for the holiday--including pets in the shelter, pets in foster, plus several pets that were adopted before the holidays!

We were so touched by the outpouring of generous support from our community, and the people who wanted to make sure that everyone was taken care of! Some of you even sent us really sweet messages that warmed our hearts, asking us to gift your donation to any pets that needed it most, the oldest pets, pets that have been with us the longest, and more!

THANK YOU so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting our pets this holiday season. Everyone had a wonderful Christmas thanks to you, and no pet was left behind!

New Year Safety

The New Year is almost here, and like you, we're ready for 2020 to be over!

When considering your New Year's celebrations, it's smart to keep the safety of your furry friends in mind. Though many celebrations will be smaller, still ensure that exits are closely monitored, and make sure to have ways to keep your pet relaxed if there will be loud noises or fireworks going off. Also, be sure to keep alcohol and treats like chocolates out of the reach of your pets.

We hope you all have a great time ringing in the new year!

New Year Hours

We’re wishing everyone a Happy New year, and hoping for a wonderful 2021! Though this year has been full of ups and downs, quarantine has helped so many pets find homes, and we appreciate each and every person who adopted in 2020!

We will be closed for New Years’ Eve on Thursday, December 31st, and New Years Day on Friday, January 1st. We will be open during our regular hours every other day of the week, and look forward to another year together!

Please visit to view profiles and learn more about adopting!


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