Megan from the Humane Society of West Michigan wasn't able to come into the studio yesterday morning due to COVID-19, but we talked on the phone about Benny Button!

Long-term cat, Benny Button, has been lingering in our care for over four months, and we have no idea why no one has scooped up this creamsicle-colored cutie yet! Poor Benny was part of a large-scale rescue, and as a result, came to us with a lot of medical issues. Her foster mom has been supporting her through them, and she's starting to feel a bit better, but while she's enjoying her time in her foster home, this little lady deserves a family to call her own!

Benny Button is a 1-year-old sweetheart and is as CUTE as a button! Her quirky personality mixed with her love for attention makes her the perfect companion. She is shy at first and will need time to get to know you, but once she warms up, she is affectionate and loves to play! She will often greet her foster mom when she comes home with a meow to tell her that she'd like some pets, please!

If you're interested in adopting this pretty kitty, visit our website at, or contact our adoptions department at!

Spring Equipment Fundraiser

We'd like to thank everyone who donated to our Spring Equipment Fundraiser last week!

In just FIVE days, we were able to raise $2,500, which will cover much of the costs of the equipment we need. We've already had volunteers sign up to help us with our park projects over the next month, and our staff and our pups can't wait to see everything looking clean, neat, and tidy! We were only able to do this with YOUR help and support--so thank you again so much to those of you who gave to make HSWM better than ever for the pets in our care!

Are you or your organization interested in volunteering to help with our spring cleaning? Visit our website today to learn more at

Freaking Out Fido Update!

Is your dog sensitive to noise? Clings to you like Velcro? Afraid of people new places, the car, etc? Then you should sign up for our Freaking Out Fido Seminar!

Learn how to recognize the subtle and not-so-subtle ways your dog is trying to say help me! We explain methods of calming your dog and ways to teach him to be brave. This is a practical guide for you and your freaking out Fido!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a recent lack of regular interest, we have changed the way we will be hosting this seminar! We need a minimum of two participants to run the seminar, which we plan to hold on the first Saturday of every month. When/if we receive enough interest we will reach back out to update you. Please sign up through our website at

National Lost Pet Awareness Microchip Special

What's better than our weekly Microchip Clinic? Our National Lost Pet Awareness Day Microchip Special!

On Friday on April 23rd, in honor of National Lost Pet Awareness Day, HSWM will be offering a ONE DAY ONLY microchip special, where we will microchip your family pets for only $10 each!!

Cost can sometimes be a factor in getting your pets microchipped, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you! Visit us this Friday, from 3pm to 5pm, for this walk-up microchip service. We hope to see you and your furry family members there!

PLEASE NOTE: Our regular Microchip Clinic services will still be offered at our Admitting Department throughout the week at regular price.

Please visit to view profiles and learn more about adopting!

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