If you've driven down around Plainfield and Leonard lately, maybe you have noticed some cool art. No, seriously, some hand-painted artwork on the former Flying Bridge Fish Market.

One of my favorite websites, GR Retro, and blogger, Geoffrey Hudson, noticed the Western section that was formerly a camera repair shop has had the siding removed and the old wooden siding beneath has some cool hand-painted artwork! Check it out to see if it's still there.

Courtesy GR Retro
Courtesy GR Retro

And, the artist? Seems he went by "Dave Dunnit." But, most probably it was artist Dave Marfia, a local artist who used to have a shop near that same corner in the 80s. He did art on vehicles, motorcycles, shirts or apparently anything you wanted painting on. I hear he's still around, still working, and living in Sparta. Hmmm, maybe he'd consider helping with my Rec Room?

Just another historical piece of Grand Rapids that is fading away. Awww..........


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