Today, we all know the beauty of Rosa Parks Circle, downtown Grand Rapids. With the amphitheater and stage you'll find festivals, jazz, dances, Art Prize, and ice skating in the winter. But, it hasn't always looked like this.

Thanks to the website GR Retro, we go back to 80's, when Monroe, and the mall took on a totally different look. It wasn't Rosa Parks Circle. It was Monroe Mall, a mall without autos, just people. And, the plaza had a big fountain and waterfall.

GR Retro

They did hold concerts and the like, but no ice skating. The new art museum, the GRAM, hadn't been built yet, still occupying the old Federal building.

GR Retro

Of course, who, from back then, could forget Houseman's, in the background. Fine clothing for all.

And then, the classic telephone gazebo.

GR Retro

It was across the street from Flannegan's at the beginning of the mall. They were Pay Phones! What were cell phones back then? Nothing! They didn't exist.

Time marches on!