Here's a true "blast from the past!" The downtown Savoy Theater. Of course, all the old movie houses downtown were torn down many years ago, except for the Majestic which is now Civic Theatre, but the Savoy was a real part of the downtown movie scene for quite awhile.

I found this on Sheila Soloman Shotwell's post on the Facebook page If You Grew Up in Grand Rapids. And, notice that the old Woolworth store is being torn down. We know that part of downtown as Rosa Parks Circle! And, if that's not enough, the Savoy was located where the Grand Rapids Art Museum is now.

Here is the full picture from the Facebook post. 

Savoy Theater

Many around here may remember the final year or years of the Savoy as the downtown place for X-rated movies. But Michael Houser commented that only the upstairs theatre (Theatre #2), which was the former balcony, showed adult and art films. The main auditorium (Theatre #1) showed first run films, and in later years, exploitation and kung fu. The film advertised on the marquee, "Warriors", was a major release from Paramount Pictures, and today is a popular cult film. The final film to screen at the Savoy was "The Wiz".

Ahhh, don't you just love the history of Grand Rapids!

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