Let's take a trip back in time. Do you recognize this house? It's in Heritage Hill, 35 Lafayette, NE. It's another blast from the past of Grand Rapids history. 

Thanks to Jeff Sytsma for his Facebook post on the Grand Rapids History 1960 and Before page. He says it's the Frederick Immen House at 35 Lafayette Ave NE, circa 1893.

Google Maps shows it as we know it today. Fred's wife Loraine was a member of all the right Societies back in the day, and hosted many events at her home.

Google Street View

Fredrick built another classic structure, this one downtown.

Google Street View

We know it as the Loraine building at 124 E. Fulton, built in 1902. He named it after his wife, Loraine. It still stands today, across the street from St. Cecilia's and a neighbor to the Cottage Bar.

Loraine Immen was very active in Grand Rapids. She was a warm-hearted, generous woman interested especially in encouraging women. The Ladies' Literary Club is a monument to her enthusiasm. In 1887 she and the other leaders of the club purchased a site for a club-house, and a beautiful building was finished and dedicated in January, 1888. It has been the center of intellectual activity among the women of Grand Rapids, but due to declining membership, disbanded in 2005, and the building was sold to Calvin College. They are now selling the historic building themselves.

Now, you know the rest of the story!