'Big Brother' season 15 contestant Amanda Zuckerman (yes, she is ones who made racist remarks who claims not to be racist) revealed that she was this close to being on last season of 'The Bachelor' but didn't make it past the finals.

At least, this is what she told her housemates during a live feed on Aug. 28.

If this claim is true, this would have put her on the season with 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe. Something tells us she wouldn't have got on well with the self-described born-again virgin.

Despite supposedly having a boyfriend out in the real world, Zuckerman has a 'Big Brother' husband in contestant McCrae Olson (couple name McCranda), who she also had a fake wedding ceremony with on the show.

So while it probably wouldn't have worked out, at all, it's fun to imagine what might have been.

Sorry ABC, you missed out on a really good crazy pick. Better luck next time.