It seems humans aren't the only ones enjoying this warm summer.

Alligators have been found in West Michigan!

Two times over the past few days an alligator has been found in West Michigan.

Sunday night an alligator was found in Wyoming. has details:

A man was in his front yard in the 2100 block of Godfrey, when he almost stepped on the alligator. It started snapping at him so he called 911.

Then Tuesday night an alligator was found in Portland. has more:

Around 8 p.m. a resident reported a baby alligator crawling in their yard. Police captured the reptile and contacted several animal sanctuaries.

Portland Police located the owner and around 10 p.m. posted, "Great news! 'Al' the alligator has been safely returned to his owner's aquarium in the City of Portland.

Maybe the Sharknado dropped them here?

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