A man cutting his lawn near Kalamazoo discovered a surprise on Saturday...an alligator!

It was just a few months ago when an iguana was on the loose in Grand Rapids.  Saturday, it was an alligator just west of Kalamazoo in Mattawan.

WZZM has more:

The man who lives in the 70,000 block of County Road 652 in Mattawan called the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office after he found the three to four foot gator in his basement window well.

Deputies say the reptile appeared to be in good health and they think it's around two years old.

Deputies believe it was a family pet somewhere in the area and it either escaped or was set free by its former owners.

The A2Z Exotic Animal Rescue from Buchanan was called. The workers took the alligator.

Mow with care.