A Van Buren County woman has pulled in 2 million views with one 15-second video.

Alexandra from Mattawan currently has 10.1 thousand followers and 40.7 total video likes as @alexandraxcorrine on TikTok. Her Linktree describes her content as "romanticizing my daily life lifestyle | home | aesthetics."

Alexandra's most viewed video, which was uploaded in October 2022, is a simple 15-second video showing her nightly clean-up routine. This video has been viewed 2 million times and liked nearly 33 thousand times.

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The 2nd most viewed video on Alexandra's TikTok channel has pulled in 24.2 thousand views. In this video, she's created an adorable home date night with indoor s'mores.

This 9-second video titled "Episode 2 - Deep Clean Diaries" has pulled in 8,009 views and 270 likes.

Episode 5 of her Deep Clean Diaries section is also among her most popular videos as she cleans out the refrigerator. I think we can all agree that we'd rather watch a video of someone cleaning out a fridge as opposed to cleaning out our own. This video has been viewed 6,262 times and liked 166 times.

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