What is a Sharknado?

(spoiler-alert?) A sharknado is when a tornado brings sharks onto land leading to a battle between humans and sharks.  Obviously.

Sharknado aired on SyFy last night.  It was the most awesomely awful movie in...days.

Check out the best Sharknado tweets!

Sharknado has been all over social media. Foxnews.com has some Twitter numbers:

...peaked at over 5,000 tweets per minute at 10:58 pm. That's almost 80 tweets per second, nowhere near the record of over 5,000 tweets per second set after Obama's second presidential election win, but still a huge event by Twitter standards.

Here's the best Sharknado tweets:

Someone always has to take the fun out of it...


Then again, maybe a sharknado CAN happen...

Some managed to turn Sharknado into an educational opportunity...

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