Is that a giant chihuahua? A ham sandwich? A pogo-stick personified? Nope, that's just the Humane Society of West Michigan's boy, Ultred! Poor Ultred has been with us for way too long and is really over shelter life--so please help us find this good boy a home ASAP!

Ultred is going to make the best companion because he's down for anything. Wanna hang out for pets? He's in. Wanna go for a walk? This pup is great on a leash, and really enjoys taking in all the scents. Wanna grab a bite to eat? Ultred will happily dine alongside you as he loves food, especially if you combine it with his other favorite! Toys that dispense treats are one of his favorites, as he enjoys using his brain to puzzle out how to get to it.


Ultred is super smart and such a gentleman that he will even open doors for you! With his winning combination of being eager, smart and food motivated, we think this buff colored boy would excel at training and learning all sorts of tricks. Help us get this best boy OUTTA here!!
If you'd like to adopt Ultred, stop by anytime during our open hours, or visit our website at to learn more.

2. HSWM Has New Hours

Grand Opening Of The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace
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We’re happy to announce that as of this week, we’ve got brand new hours!
Starting this Tuesday, April 4th, both our Adoption and Admitting Departments will be open at the same time every week! To help increase access to both adoptions and animal services, you can now visit us anytime during our new hours: Tuesday - Friday from 12pm-7pm, and Saturday from 11am-4pm.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

3. Make A Dog’s Day

Do you love dogs? Looking for ways to get active as the weather warms up? Sign up for our Dog's Day Out program!

Families Lose Homes As Weak Economy, Housing Crisis Drags On
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Dog's Day Out is a wonderful opportunity for members of the public to take our shelter dogs out of their kennels and on an adventure. Whether it's going to the park, going for a ride, or grabbing a puppucino, the choice is up to you! Pro-tip, weekend slots fill up fast–so book your slot well ahead of time, or make some time during the week instead!

Sign up to make a shelter pup’s day by taking them out on the town at

4. Kitten Season

Or maybe you love cats! The first kittens of the season are starting to roll in, and we're going to be talking a lot about 'kitten season' in the coming months, but some of you may be wondering, "What IS kitten season?"

Duchess Of Cornwall opens New cattery At Battersea Dogs Home
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Kitten Season, otherwise known as feline breeding season, takes place during warm months (typically March through October, but varies across the country), and many shelters experience the bulk of their cat and kitten intake during this time--including us! Not only are we accepting large amounts of felines during this time, but we also find ourselves with lots of litters of bottle-baby kittens without their mothers, tiny newborns who require round-the-clock bottle feeding and care.

"Cat Lady" Turns California Home Into No-Cage Cat Sanctuary
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We aren't able to provide this type of care in our shelter environment, which is where YOU come in! Sign up to become a kitten foster this season, and save the lives of these little ones who need you! OR if you can’t foster at the moment, donate some wet kitten food to us to help support our little ones instead!

Learn more about fostering and how you can get involved on our website at

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