I think the political landscape just got a little wackier. Now, the fans of Donald Trump, the possible soon-to-be Republican Presidential nominee, have set up a dating website. No, seriously, if you're a Trump fan, and you're looking for someone else who shares your passion for The Donald, you can "hook up!"

According to Cosmo, and they know, 35-year-old David Gross created the dating site TrumpSingles.com because he says he had a hard time dating with what he calls the "special stigma" of being a Trump supporter. The site is free to join, but as with any other dating site, if you want fancier messaging options it’s $4.95 a month.

The site already has over 500 members, and the motto, you’re going to love this, is: “Make dating great again!”

Enough...enough, all ready.