With Michigan being a key swing state and the election only a day away, our fair state will be welcoming campaigners from both major parties today.  Six cities across Michigan will be host to various campaign surrogates and one candidate.

Campaigning for Donald Trump and the Republican party will be Donald Trump, his Vice Presidential nominee, Mike Pence, and children, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

  • Donald Trump will be appearing with his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, at DeVos Place at 11pm.
  • Mike Pence is appearing at a rally in Traverse City at 1pm.
  • Donald Trump, Jr. is doing a meet and greet at Rub BBQ Pub in Detroit at 2:30pm followed by a campaign rally at Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warren at 4pm.
  • Ivanka Trump is doing a question and answer session at The Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville at 11am.

Campaigning for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party are Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.

  • Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, will be at a rally in the Grand Valley State University Fieldhouse in Allendale at 4pm.
  • President Barack Obama will be attending a rally at the Ray L. Fisher Stadium at the University of Michigan at 11am.

This is probably the safest you'll be as a Michigan resident all year because of the many police and secret service that will be in the area.  Check out this article to get more info on each of the campaign stops.