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Presidential Debate is Great Musical Video (video)
This video is a blast!
The first Presidential Debate for 2012 was held last week, as we all know.  Immediately, reporters and analysts were debating the outcome of the debate.  The discussion will likely go on until the next Presidential Debate.
President Obama Heads To Michigan For Friday U Of M Speech
The President has been doing a lot of talking lately!  The State of the Union Presidential address was Tuesday night and late this sfternoon he will board Air Force One, the presidential plane, and head to Ann Arbor for a speech he will deliver at the University of Michigan.…
President Obama Requests The Services Of Justin Bieber
President Obama received a 1,500 word email from a teen who lost her daddy in the 9-1-1 attacks.  She told the President about how Justin's Never Say Never documentary really helped her get through it all.  The Prez picked up the phone, made a call and Bieber To The Rescue...

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