My, what times we're living in today. COVID 19, civil unrest, the Presidential election. Just one of these would be a lot to handle, but all three at the same time, coupled with a massive hurricane that struck our southern gulf coast and it's overwhelming. We need some de-stressing, cuddle time, and here's how! 

This came from the embattled TikTok gang, and it's some super sweetness.

The #LayOnYourToddlerChallenge is the latest TikTok trend, and while it sounds weird, just watching a few of the short videos will have you tearing up with major feels.

Here’s how it works: Parents simply lay their head on their toddler’s lap while they are watching their favorite TV show and wait to see what happens. Sure, some toddlers are not happy about getting disrupted during Paw Patrol, but more often than not, your heart will absolutely melt when you see how much they love showing mom or dad affection.

It’s a great reminder to simply stop and have a cuddle every once in a while. If you need a smile, it’s certainly the sweetest thing you’ll see all day.


Is your heart melting? Are you smiling? Maybe have a few tears? That's alright!



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