Former Vice President Joe Biden, and presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate in the November election, has said there is less than a week left before he announces his Vice Presidential running mate. He has said that absolutely it will be a woman. So, who?

One of the his choices on his "short list" is our own Governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

What are people in-the-know saying around the country? On the website, Doug Sosnik, a Democratic strategist and former senior advisor to President Bill Clinton, said, “she’s a fresh face." He added that her status as a Washington outsider, unlike Biden’s, is a selling point. “What the country is looking for solution wise is not in Washington,” he said.

That said, Fox17 reported that during a one-on-one interview Wednesday night with Detroit TV station WXYZ 7 Action News anchor Dave LewAllen, the governor wouldn't give any indication on where things stand.

LewAllen said, "Last question would be: Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, still vetting candidates for the VP role in his administration. You're part of that, can you give us any update as far as where that stands as far as you know it?" asked LewAllen.

"I don't have any updates to give," said Whitmer. "I don't know if you're going to be able to get on a Zoom with the former vice president, but he's about the only person I think that can give you any insight."

So, it's a mystery, but, soon to be answered next week, we think!

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