Everytime I read one of these stories it just makes me sick to my stomach. Will there ever be a time when some people don't feel the need to disrespect someone different than themselves?

Sure Papa John's has apologized over the ignorance and insensitivity of one of their employees but still the damage has been done!

Thank goodness for social media and its ability to shine the light on these issues globally and very quickly!

An Asian woman recently ordered a pizza and was given a receipt that had the words quote, "lady chinky eyes" typed on it.  I'm not an Asian American but that even hurts me to see and read that.

It's also quite disturbing that I am still living in a world with stupid, ignorant people like that.  Great, Papa John's has fired the guy, but does that change his thought process.  We need to find a way to make those people feel so alienated and unaccepted in society that they stop the behavior.

This story came to the forefront when Cho tweeted the receipt with the typed words on it and it spread across the globe!