Here's a colorful way to see and compare what President Trump and Michigan politicians are tweeting about in 2018.

We took every post on Twitter this year from President Trump, Governor Snyder, Senator Stabenow, Senator Peters, Congressman Amash and Grand Rapids Mayor Bliss and created six separate word clouds. What follows is the words each politician has most commonly used on Twitter so far this year.

All six word clouds were created the same way allowing for a fair and interesting way to compare what each chooses to say and share on Twitter. The words used most frequently appear the largest.

Each politician's word cloud appears directly below their name and photo.


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City of Grand Rapids

What is and isn't included in the Twitter-based word clouds?

  • The word clouds include what each politician tweeted from Jan. 1, 2018 - Feb. 7, 2018 at 4pm EST.
  • The more frequent a word was entered on Twitter, the larger it appears.
  • The different colors are for design and readability only.
  • Retweets were not included. However, text accompanying retweets were included.
  • President Trump sometimes retweets by manually retyping and quoting someone else's tweet rather than using Twitter's built-in retweeting function. In these cases, that text was included.
  • All parameters (size, color, etc.) were applied exactly the same in all six word clouds.
  • The least frequently used words were excluded once space ran out.
  • "Stop words" (such as: the, is, and, at) were excluded.
  • Mayor Bliss' word cloud is shaped differently because there were not as many tweets and not as many words to fill the square.
  • A series of tweets during Governor Snyder's State of the State Address on Jan. 23 that repeated what he said during the speech were not included.
  • Most have more than one Twitter account. Tweets entered were only taken from the primary account. The primary accounts are linked here: President Trump, Governor Snyder, Senator Stabenow, Senator Peters, Congressman Amash and Mayor Bliss.

Word count totals:

  • President Trump: 7,213
  • Governor Snyder: 3,533
  • Senator Stabenow: 2,600
  • Senator Peters: 2,435
  • Congressman Amash: 2,190
  • Mayor Bliss: 721