Adopt Moira From Crash’s Landing
Moira was found as a stray in the fall of 2014. She was found near Kalamazoo Avenue and M-6. It is possible she was displaced by the tornado that came through the area that spring.
Moira has been at Crash's Landing for just over a year now and she still needs a permanent home.
Adopt Clara From Crash’s Landing
Last winter, Clara was taken off of the streets on a freezing February night. As our weather turns cold again, let's help Clara make another drastic change and find her a permanent home!
Adopt Tattletail From Crash’s Landing
The weather has quickly changed across West Michigan. Some have welcomed the change, others have not.
One change we all agree we'd like to see is finding more homes for the cats at Crash's Landing.
This week we introduce you to Tattletail.
Cute Cat Video for all cat Lovers [Video]
Our weather is pretty good, all things considered. We had the warmest first part of November we have ever had, and this weekend is wonderful with some sunshine and a high of 50ish. However, in Scotland, they're beginning to see snow flurries. Tell this cat it isn't true.

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