We're pretty used to setting weather records here in Michigan. Record rain, record snow, record wind, record power outages, and now record heat! Wait a minute, we're talking about record heat in October.

Yep, this week we could set some record high temperatures. FOX 17's Weather Team says that high temperatures for the start of this month will be in the 80s, and that's hot for this time of year.

Biserka Stojanovic/Getty Images
Biserka Stojanovic/Getty Images

Sunday we hit 82° but that wasn't a record.  The record for that day is 89° set back in 1897.

So, what about the rest of the week? The Fox folks think that today, October 2nd, could possibly set a record but we would have to push it because today has a record high of 87° set back in 1971.

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Now tomorrow, Tuesday, October 3rd's record is a mere 85° so tomorrow it is quite possible we could see a record high since they are forecasting the high to be 83°.

You know, normally we are seeing highs in the upper 60s so these next few days will be way above normal.

A pond surrounded by fall foliage colors on a beautiful autumn day in New England
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Now, on the bright side, that is if you are looking for true fall-like weather, we will most likely see cooler weather beginning Thursday. As temperatures begin to fall we will see highs only in the mid 50s to low 60s.

Who knows if they will stay there, after all we do live in Michigan! However, the leaves are slowly beginning to change color, one of the best parts of fall, so the next few weeks might just be perfect for fall color.

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