We often take garbage removal for granted. We take our trash and place it at the curb or in a dumpster and don't give it a second thought - until you pass a landfill, that is.

But there are those who deal with our collected waste and there are things that belong in the garbage and things that don't. One of those things is batteries.

They are filled with harmful chemicals and when crushed in a garbage truck can spark and ignite. That was the situation faced by a crew who had to deal with a fire in their trash truck.

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The image above shows a city of Grand Rapids garbage truck that suffered a fire and the cause was determined to be a battery someone had thrown away.

Carelessness? Wanton disregard for the environment, city workers and city property that their taxes have to pay for?

Whatever the reason whomever tossed the battery caused a kerfuffle.

So what to do? Kent County Public Works provides an extensive guide on disposal or recycling of nearly any conceivable item - including batteries, of course - here.

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So many rules when it come to recycling. While nearly all of us want to do our part and do it properly, is it that too many rules and regulations make some throw up their arms and throw everything away?

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