The southwest Michigan city of Portage was struck with two devastating tornados that hit the Kalamazoo area with a ferocity not seen in 45 years when a tornado passed through downtown Kalamazoo.

The tornado ran a swath fully across the 6-mile-wide city.

This footage, captured in a residential neighborhood shows the storm approaching and several trees toppling due to the intensity of the winds.

Doorbell Cam Footage of Tornado in Portage
byu/kazoondheit inkzoo

While the National Weather Service, as of this publication, has not yet assessed the scale of the storm (this is the EF0-EF5 scale), it's video like this plus the observed damage to structures and trees that help the NWS make those assessments.


The video above is reported to be in the Colony Woods subdivision which is in Texas Township off of 12 Street which is the western Portage city limits. It shows an incredible 6 trees in the yard that were felled by the storm. This video shows a view the next day in the same area of Texas Township - this video along 10th Street.

Some of the damage from last night byu/PabloDelicious inkzoo

This video shows the destruction that continued from this storm 6 miles to the northeast of the videos above. This is drone footage of the Pavilion Estates mobile home park which is just outside the Portage city limits to the east in Pavilion Township.

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Tornado Damage in Southwest Michigan on May 7th, 2024

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