What are we having for dinner tonight?

Fair enough question.  Most of us look forward to dinner, and you'd like to know what to look forward to.  It makes the day so much more fun.

Since I'm the chef of the house most of the time, my wife works and I'm home early, it's up to me to meal plan.  What a job.  I'm running out of ideas.  But, when I do decide and cook, invariably, I have food left over.  Now what?

Well, if you're like many of us you put it in the fridge, it stays there, get's moldy, and you throw it out.  What a waste!  You have another perfectly good meal, ready to heat and serve, but because they're "leftovers" they're not acceptable.

I'm writing about this because that's exactly what I did last night, served leftovers. I love leftovers, and hate to waste food.   We had my world famous meat loaf with a side of pasta and homemade sauce, and a salad.   I thought it was terrific!  After all,  I made it the first time, and it was good when we had it, so it should be good again, right?

What is it about leftovers, anyway.  To many people it seems somewhat like 'used food,' and they can't get past that.

My trick is to re-plate.  In other words, freshen up the food, heat and re-present so that it looks like a fresh made dish.  No body will know, except for my wife, of course, who ate with me when I made it the first time.  Okay, so she picks at her 'leftover' food a bit.  I love it.  All I had to do was heat and serve, and she had a hot meal waiting for her when she came home.  What's not to like?

What about you?  Any good ideas/recipes for leftovers?  Share them with us.