So, even though I do get to come into the studio to broadcast the morning show, Andy in the Morning on 100.5 The River, I go right home and stay there! Coronavirus Time! Boring! Stay home, stay safe! That's what Governor Whitmer says! But, what do I do at home when I'm home alone?

I can work from home. I walk. I FaceTime/Zoom with family and friends. Read. Watch a little TV, but not that much, and.....cook! I do love to cook and make stuff. (Nice word!) I'm not a trained chef. My chef friends, Jenna, Chef O, Tommy, Eric and Sue, and more, all can create fabulous meals, Me? I just pull "stuff" out of the fridge and pantry and roll with it. Here is my easy dinner last night!

Chicken ready for oven

I had bone-in chicken breasts, which I love because they stay so moist. Liberally season the chicken in an oven proof skillet with salt, pepper and paprika. I used smoked paprika. Amazing! Brown a bit in olive oil. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 375. After browing, add 2-cups of chicken broth. I then cut up an onion, chopped some garlic, and added a green vegetable. I used brussel sprouts. Bake for 45-minutes, or until the chicken is about 160. Let rest for a couple of minutes, and EAT! DEE-licious! You can make rice, or whatever, but I didn't.

chicken dish finished

So easy and so good! And, great leftovers!

Bon Appetit!

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