Do you recall mid-pandemic when grocery stores were running out of feta cheese because of a recipe that was sweeping across the internet and world? Did you know that it all started with a woman from Grand Rapids?

@feelgoodfoodie Baked feta pasta with cherry tomatoes!! Recipe on blog • Inspired by @grilledcheesesocial 😘 #tiktokpartner #LearnOnTikTok #fetapasta #recipes ♬ original sound - Feel Good Foodie

Her name is Yumna Jawad. She's the "Feel Good Foodie." She's a Michigander. She's a Grand Rapidian. Click here for the internet-breaking recipe. 

Feel Good Foodie-TikTok

  Yumna Jawad is America's latest must-watch cook. Sharing viral food hacks and tips from Instagram where she has amassed over 3 million followers. On TikTok, 36 million people have liked her different videos and recipes. She runs the popular blog Feel Good Foodie and fans are in love. She has a you-tube channel and has made many TV appearances including on Live with Kelly & Ryan

Feel Good Foodie-TikTok
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Before Jawad become TikTok's latest foodie sweetheart, she wasn't even a cook. Yumna Jawad originally studied marketing, branding, and research for consumer packaged goods. In fact, this food influencer didn't even learn to cook until she got married. Her mother taught her how to cook over the phone.

Feel Good Foodie-TikTok

  She started Feel Good Foodie to share healthy, feel-good meals she made for her family, then realized it could be a career and business.

Feel Good Foodie-TikTok

  The Grand Rapids woman has been called "a woman of influence". Clearly! She brought the feta cheese industry to its knees.

Feel Good Foodie-TikTok

  Her number one goal is to make healthy cooking easy! From fresh and easy recipes to ingredient guides and simple tutorials. Speaking of her plans for the future Jawad said,

“I’m working on fun ways to incorporate more plant-based foods in a way that’s not intimidating. In the coming years, I hope to author a cookbook with real food recipes that give anyone the confidence to cook!”

Here is her take on cooking a Thanksgiving turkey.

@feelgoodfoodie Try this fail-proof easy Thanksgiving turkey recipe for a perfectly cooked bird with no fuss! #yum #thanksgiving #thanksgivingturkey ♬ Food - Densky9

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