Did you see it?

Look up in the sky? Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Was it Superman?

They were planes alright, but not your normal passenger plane flying into Ford Airport. This time they were Air Force F-16 fighter jets.


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Yikers! What was that all about?

It was nothing to worry about. It was all about training due to bad weather. Seems they would normally train, do touch and go's, etc., around Fort Wayne, but bad weather kept them from flying around Northern Indiana, so they moved all the action up here.

According to RedditGR, It was the 122nd Fighter Wing, 163rd Fighter Squadron in Fort Wayne that flew up here.

Any idea why F-16s are doing touch and goes at Gerald R Ford?
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Ford Airport is big enough and has everything any major airport has, but they don't have as much traffic, so it make a good place for the Air Force to train pilots when needed.

And the F-16's aren't the only Air Force planes to do some training over Grand Rapids.


Air Force Holds Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 2006
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Haven't we all noticed those big, four-engine grey Air Force planes that occasionally fly overhead here? They are the KC 135's flying over Grand Rapids. It's the same thing as the F-16's yesterday. RedditGR says they're just going around, practicing holds and shooting instrument approaches.

So, the next time you hear planes overhead in GR, look up in the sky, don't worry. It's probably Delta, American, United, Allegiant, Frontier and the United States Air Force!

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