I had so many people ask me in the office, on Facebook, and on the air today, "What was it like to meet Princess Diana's brother?  What was the most memorable thing?  Were you nervous?  I was doing just fine, watching everyone else react.   ButI have to tell you the thing that got me really choked up, and I wasn't expecting it, was when we shook hands and our eyes met.  I saw Diana.  I really did.  For a moment I was looking into the same eyes.  I wasn't expecting it.  In fact I never even noticed it before.  But even today, the day after, it is burned into my brain.  But then, why should that surprise me?  They share the same DNA.  To be at a beautiful exhibit, that celebrates and honors her beautiful spirit and to catch a glimpse like that, well it caught me off guard to say the least.   See if you can see it or maybe you just had to be there in person, spirit and all.