$32,000 dollars! Hmmm, what could you buy with that amount of money. Lot's of things. Pay off bills, a new car, a washer and dryer, HA, and more. but why not a luxury stay at a famous hotel.

The Drake, which is a luxury hotel in Chicago, and I've been there, is reportedly offering a very special package that will recreate Princess Diana's visit in June of 1996.

Fox 17 reported that according to Forbes, the hotel launched the "Crowning a Lady" package in honor of the late princess's appearance in the new season of Netflix's "The Crown."

Are you ready for this? Here is what you get. The package will include a required minimum two-night stay in a 1,500 square foot suite with a stationary bike, forget-me-not flowers, and the official photo book of Abba. Come on, who wouldn't want a photo book of Abba!

Of course, guests would also be treated to a three-course dinner, a replica of what Princess Diana ate at the hotel.

Why, you're wondering was Princess Diana was in Chicago in the first place? She was there to speak about breast cancer at Northwestern University Law School.

The Princess visited many sites while in Chicago on her three day stay, and the Princess Diana also danced with former TV talk show host Phil Donahue following a Gala Dinner at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Pretty special...for Phil!

The package is available now through December 15, with a rate starting at $32,000, and only can be reserved for by phone insiders say.

Wait! What's that phone number??


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