I put together a quick 5 minute "highlight" video, of a 4+ hour event, at Celebration Cinema North this morning.  It was the viewing of the Royal Wedding on the Big Screen.  I think today may have been more about Diana than her son.  You know she would be proud.      

I chatted up some listeners about why they would get up at 2am or 3am in the morning to meet me at 4am at Celebration Cinema North?  They came dressed in fancy hats, beautiful couture, and shiny gems.  Thanks to a good friend of mine at David's Bridal, I can feel like a princess.  I looked everywhere for a tiara & the only place I could find a beautiful one was David's.  Got some strange looks though on the drive back to work.  I forgot I was wearing the tiara & caught a bunch of people staring at me.  I'm thinking, "What's with all these wierdos today."  Then I remember!  HaHaHaHaHa. They'll figure it out tonight when they are watching the news or something.

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