The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate as we know her, turned 40 on Sunday after having emerged in recent years as Britain’s reliable royal.

Fox17 and the AP reported her happy Birthday yesterday.

We all know the House of Windsor has faced its share of controversy. But, the calm in all of this storm has been the former Kate Middleton, a commoner who married into the royal family, married to Prince William of course, and has won accolades for her commitment to early education, art and music.

USA Today reported that after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s stormy departure to California in 2020, the death of Prince Philip last year, and now sexual-abuse allegations against Prince Andrew, the former Kate Middleton remains in the public eye as the smiling mother who can comfort grieving parents at a children’s hospice or wow the nation by playing piano during a televised Christmas concert.

What has endeared her to the British public, and the world for that matter, is her passion for early childhood development and education, mental health, and her adoption of the charity Action on Addiction. Anyone meet her today will tell you she has a quiet confidence and warm empathy toward others. Someone said, when she smiles her whole face smiles. Meeting Kate, whether at an charity affair, or while she is giving a speech, people always say it's never stilted, as she makes you feel totally included.

Now on her 40th birthday, the Palace has released some glamorous photos the the British public are going ga-ga over.

Happy Birthday Kate!

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