So what do you think ladies?  Prince William's bride Kate Middleton will be wearing her wedding ring.  Buckingham Place however,  announced that after the Kate Middleton/Prince William marriage takes place William will not be wearing his.  They just should have left that unsaid.  Making a statement about it makes it look suspect.  So this is a real sticking point for some couples.  If you're married you both wear a ring to signify that bond; that's one thought.  Rarely does a woman not wear  her ring, but lots of guys do not wear theirs.   Would that bother you if you were his girl?  If you're a guy does your wife care that you don't wear your wedding ring?  Some guys say they can't work with them.  Other guys like to look available.  But with Prince William it's not like anyone on the planet would not know the guy is married.  It's only one of the most searched stories on the internet.   So what would you do?