(The video is dark in the beginning but lightens up...)  Behind the scenes!  Thanks to Niki Bloem for filming them filming me;)

How exciting was this today! Nick Dixon, a correspondent with Daybreak Television Show in London, England on ITV, stopped by 100.5 The River.  Daybreak is like our Good Morning America.  Why was he visiting?  He stopped by to chat with me about the BIG wind down of, "Diana, A Celebration" that has been going on for a couple months at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Thanks to Pamela DeVos, who helped bring this exhibit to Grand Rapids and really made it possible for all of us here, and really across the nation, to be a part of the magic too!

100.5 The River did The River's Royal January where we gave away 5 pairs of tickets a day! Hopefully, you won yours because the event ended up being SOLD OUT as predicted.  Shows just how many people loved her!

When I was living in Toledo Ohio in 1997, upon Princess Diana's death, I wrote a couple poems that seemed to sum up the mood of the country. I sent out at least 1,000 by request to listeners who heard me read it on my show "The Quiet Storm".  She touched people. Her son Prince William, it seems, has her spirit. Diana, truly was The People's Princess!