Betty White and her pal, Molly, visited the studio today for Wet Nose Wednesday, no kidding.

Betty didn't have too much to say, however, not like we're used to.  But since Betty is a Guinea Pig, I guess that's to be expected.  Betty and Molly are two-years old, and would certainly make the right household a wonderful pet.

Want to learn more about Betty White and Molly, and all adoptable animals at the Humane Society of West Michigan?  Just log on the, or simply call 616-453-8900.

Ashley, who brought Betty and Molly in for the visit, also talked about the need for kitten foster homes.  Spring always seems to be kitten season, and they're nearly at capacity.  Thus, they could use your help to "foster care" a kitten or two.  The Humane Society covers all of the expenses..  Again, for information, simply call 616-453-8900, or long on to their web site.

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