The West Michigan Whitecaps home opener is Thursday, April 4.

There's a whole new list of concession items for this season, including the famous baco!

The Whitecaps gave us a sneak peak/taste.  Check out our review of the new menu items!

The baco, a bacon-shelled BLT taco, is grabbing the spotlight this year.  The baco won the annual online fan vote to be added as a new menu item this season.


Matt Milhouse

Let me tell you, it is as good as advertised.  6 strips of bacon make up the baco-licious shell which has all the fixins for a BLT.

Matt Milhouse

My wife suggests that the baco is healthy because "it has lettuce, tomato, and protein too!".  I'm just going to assume that this is true, not consult my doctor, and have another!

Mac & Cheese Cart

Matt Milhouse

This is not your kids' mac & cheese.  There are two kinds of mac & cheese to choose from and many choices on what to add to it:  bacon, lobster, buffalo chicken, hamburger, or chili.

I went with bacon and chili.  So good!

Smoked Sausage Kabobs

Matt Milhouse

The Smoked Sausage Kabobs were my favorite new item!  Applewood smoked sausage, potato, and green peppers.  A little sweet and a little spice.

 Fried Mac & Jack Cheese Bites

Matt Milhouse

What do you do to make Mac & Cheese even better?  Deep fry it, of course.

And why not add just a little bit of spice?  The Whitecaps did.

Squeelin' Pig Sandwich

Matt Milhouse

This sandwich can be described in one word:  HOT!

The Squeelin' Pig Sandwich is so hot you'll have to sign a waiver to purchase one!  It's "the hottest sandwich in baseball".  I like spicy, but I stopped after one bite. I've never eaten molten lava, but I imagine it's a similar experience.

If you're up for the challenge, have a few drinks on back up.

Moo-ville's Hey Batter Batter Ice Cream

Matt Milhouse

A great ice cream name like Hey Batter Batter needs to have some great flavor to back it up.  It does.

Hey Batter Batter has cream cheese, cake batter, and blueberries.  It will be perfect for a hot summer game.

Foot-long Corn Dog

Matt Milhouse

Add a little mustard to this corn dog and you're all set.  If you're thinking about adding ketchup, we can't be friends.

Vanilla Iced Coffee

Matt Milhouse

I don't normally drink flavored coffee, but this was good.  When you need a little jolt of caffeine at the game this is a good way to go.

Great line-up of new menu items this year at the Whitecaps!

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