While scrolling through social media I came across a post that starts like this "Sometimes a slice of pizza is more than it appears to be! Read on for the story of an epic pizza delivery and the unbelievable kindness of a stranger."

Grab your tissue and prepare for the feels....

Julie and Rich lived in Battle Creek more than two decades ago as a young married couple and a tight budget. Every pay day, Rich would stop at Steve's Pizza of Battle Creek and bring a pie home for dinner. For the couple, this pizza set a standard that has yet to be met.

As the years passed, the couple made several moves and wound up in Indianapolis, Indiana. They tried many different pizzas but for Rich, no other pie place could hold a bar to Steve's Pizza.

Courtesy of Steve's Pizza in Battle Creek
Courtesy of Steve's Pizza in Battle Creek

Julie and Rich had recently planned to take a weekend getaway to visit Michigan, celebrate Julie's birthday, take in the fall sights and more importantly for the couple, grab a take out pizza from what had become their "gold standard".

Sadly a trip to the emergency room followed by five days in ICU for Rich forced the couple to cancel those happy plans. While hospitalized, the couple learned that Rich was losing his battle to cancer. Rich is home under hospice care and and the couple is spending as much time as possible reminiscing and surrounded by friends and family.

A family member decided to reach out to Steve's Pizza and spoke with a manager named Dalton. The family member explained the situation and asked if someone from the shop could send a text or perhaps a card. Instead of a card or text, Dalton asked "What kind of pizza?" and said he would deliver the pies after closing. Steve's Pizza does not deliver and is three and a half hours away from Indianapolis.

Dalton kept his word and at 2:30 a.m. delivered two of Rich's favorite pizzas and told the family they were in his prayers. Not only that, when a relative offered to get a hotel room for Dalton, he declined stating that he had to get back because he had to work the next day.

Thank you Dalton, Steve's Pizza of Battle Creek, Julie and Rich for the reminder of all the good in the world and for sharing such an amazing and heartwarming story.

Read the post in it's entirety below.

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