This year has seen an increase in STD's, and specifically chlamydia, in Ionia County.

The Ionia County Health Department has 189 confirmed cases of the sexually-transmitted disease in 2018 so far; up from 176 total the previous year. Chlamydia is the most common because its the easiest to pass and contract. An RN with the health department told the Ionia Sentinel Standard that there is a program available to help prevent the increase in numbers, but residents aren't utilizing it. "Expedited partner therapy” allows an infected person to get their partner medication without a prescription or them having to come in for treatment. It's been offered in Michigan since 2016 but for some reason Ionia residents aren't using it.

...perhaps three STD patients have obtained medications for partners at the health department in the past year, and that’s not nearly enough.

The Health Department is urging residents to stop in if they believe they have an STD, that way they can get it treated it ASAP.

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