There were many team uniforms that stood out at the Olympics.  The Russian warmup jackets were impossible to miss and many other countries stood out with their bright colors.

The United States jackets that were worn on the medal podium stood out too.  They stood out because they weren't bright and they didn't feature our flags colors.  They were gray.

Were Team USA's gray Olympic jackets unpatriotic?

While on the medal podium at the Olympics, American athletes represented our country by wearing, not red, white, or blue...but the new super-secret American color of gray.

Sure the jackets look nice, but it's difficult to even tell what country they represent.  There's a small U.S. flag on the left shoulder and some writing on the back, but at the Olympics it's just not enough.

The Olympics are a time to fly your flag and represent your country proudly, not a time to try to make an odd fashion statement.

Nike designed the jackets and is responsible for the color.

A message for Nike - if you ever are given the chance to create Olympic uniforms for Team USA at another Olympic Games, please include red, white, and blue in your design.  Just do it.