Daughter Loses Tooth by Javelin Throw [Video]
Losing a tooth, the natural way, is like a sign of growing up, right? Kids are so proud when they lose a tooth. They're getting older, feeling proud, not to mention the Tooth Fairy will come with money.
However, losing a tooth can be traumatic. And parents have to help a bit, and be creative, at…
NBC’s Interview of Bode Miller Goes Too Far
American skier Bode Miller had just won the bronze medal in the super G when NBC's Christin Cooper began to interview him.
It was the sixth Olympic medal of Miller's career and an emotional moment as he remembered his younger brother who died of an apparent seizure last year.
With Miller on verge of t…
Winter Olympics Tweets
The world will be watching as hundreds of athletes compete at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.
Team USA is sending 230 athletes, including 18 with Michigan ties.
Follow our Michigan Olympians through all of their triumphs and heartbreak in Sochi.

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