The Olympics are all about bringing the world together to celebrate sports and competition.  But sometimes there are distractions.

Politics and performance enhancing drugs occasionally create issues at the Games, but sometimes the distraction is something a little less a jacket.

The Russian Olympic warm up jackets have received strongly mixed reviews.

What do you think?  Are the 2012 Russian Olympic warm up jackets awesome or just awful?

The Russian jackets have received a lot of high profile air time since the Russian women's gymnastics team has been doing so well.  They are hard to miss.  Bright red and white with a very bold design.

I like the jackets.  Seems like the kind of jacket you might find at the high rollers poker table in Las Vegas.  Just give me a visor and some sunglasses, then I'm all-in for wearing one.

Check out some more pictures of the jackets and let us know what you think.